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Kasich Says He's Focused On Helping Down-Ballot Candidates

Ohio Governor John Kasich
Ohio Governor John Kasich

Republican Gov. John Kasich says he's focused on backing his party's congressional candidates this fall and won't talk about any support for a presidential candidate.

Ohio Governor John Kasich
Credit Office of Ohio Governor John Kasich
Ohio Governor John Kasich

Kasich has declined to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The governor told reporters Wednesday in Columbus he would help get out the vote for Republicans in down ballot races. But as for Trump, he says, "I think I've made myself clear at this point about that." 
Ohio is one of the biggest prizes in the presidential election. It's worth 18 electoral votes and has been carried by every winning candidate for president since 1964.
Kasich says he doesn't regret not speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week.
The move was atypical for a governor whose home state is hosting his party's convention.

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