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Ohio Delegates Return Home After RNC

Ohio's delegates are seated to the right of the stage.
Ohio's delegates are seated to the right of the stage.

The 2016 Republican National Convention has come to a close, and delegates are getting back to their districts.

Butler County Treasurer and Kasich Delegate, Nancy Nix, says this year’s convention felt much different from previous ones.

“There’s just so much, so much anger that I never felt last time," she said. "But four years ago, the establishment was in charge, everyone was unified. This time we’ve got a nationalist candidate, the establishment has been throw to the side.”

Nix says her experience has changed the way she views her place in the party.

“Four years ago I might have said, ‘well I’m not establishment.’ But obviously I am. It’s an eye opener, that’s all I can say.”

Nix plans to back Trump in this fall’s election.

State Representative Niraj Antani said the party still has some unifying to do.

"I think a lot of people really wanted to hear some specifics out of the speech last night, and my hope is that Donald Trump will consult leaders like John Kasich on developing specifics to solve some of the issues he discussed last night in his speech," he said.

Governor Kasich did not attend the convention though he was in Cleveland last week to talk to delegates.

Antani also had some predictions about next week’s Democratic National Convention.

“Well the Democrats really have a one size fits all playbook. They’re just going to attack Republicans, they’ll call us names and say our policies hurt certain groups of people,” He said. "Unfortunately for them, you know, that’s not true. Their policies are really the one[s] that keep people dependent on government welfare instead of helping people rise up and out of poverty.”

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday in Philadelphia.

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