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Dayton School Board Shelves Levy Plans

The Dayton School Board has shelved plans to put a new levy on the fall ballot.

The 5-mill levy was supposed to pay for afterschool programs and preschool for all 4 year olds in Dayton.  Plans changed after the City of Dayton decided to put its own levy on the ballot - one that would also cover universal preschool, among other things.Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley explained at the school board meeting last night how the city and board could instead collaborate and find grant money to fund new programs in the district. She also touched on improving their relationship with school board.

School board member John McManus said poor communication between the city and school board are partially to blame for the levy confusion.

“I think there were a lack of relationships, a lack of partnerships between our two governments,” said McManus. “And that is something that we are repairing and that’s something we're building for a future and building in a way that it will be continuous and sustainable.”

Whaley also proposed arranging for more regular meetings between city representatives and district officials.

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