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Book Nook: Under the Harrow, by Flynn Berry


Quite some time ago I recognized that I will never be able to read all the books I want to read. That doesn't mean I have stopped trying. One thing that really excites me is the prospect of discovering new books and new writers. The other day I had the opportunity to talk to Flynn Berry about her novel "Under the Harrow." The book just came out. It is her debut novel.

There's a distinctive buzz that swirls about during conversations with authors who have just formally put themselves out there for readers to discover. "Under the Harrow" made quite an impression on me. As the story begins two sisters are planning to spend some time together. One sister is living in an English village. The other one travels there to visit. Upon her arrival she finds that her sister has been brutally murdered.

Flynn Berry reveals in this interview that the original story that became "Under the Harrow" began to take root as a revenge fantasy. In this novel the police might not be able to figure out who committed this murder. They are very busy. There's one certainty however; the woman who has found her sister dead is determined to identify and punish the killer. The journey readers take to this resolution is magnificent. Flynn Berry is one heck of a story teller.

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