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Book Nook: The Dead Don't Bleed, by David Krugler

Alan Furst is often cited as the current master of the historical spy novel. I just read his latest, "A Hero of France," and I was shocked. His last several books have been fabulous. This new one is a real dud. Perhaps his bright star is dimming? I hope not.

Fortunately we have some new entries in the genre. David Krugler just published his first novel "The Dead Don't Bleed" and it is a humdinger. The story is set in Washington, D.C. in 1945. World War Two is drawing to a close and the city is crawling with spies. Soviet espionage agents are trying to uncover the secrets of America's atomic bomb project. An American spy has been found dead in an alleyway. One of his colleagues goes undercover to try to find out who killed him. Or so it seems.

As you peruse this page turner the one thing that is certain is that nothing will be as it seems. David Krugler's debut is a winner.

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