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No Boundaries For Orlando Trauma

The mass shooting in Orlando over the weekend has re-ignited debates on gun control, LGBT rights, and terrorism. It has also raised mental health concerns as people around the country cope with the news.

Jodi Long, the director for behavioral treatment and supportive services in Montgomery County (ADAMHS)  says that psychological trauma can extend beyond Orlando.


Credit Orlando Police Department|

"It makes all of us question our own safety, and it makes us question the safety of friends and family who live close to us and live far away," she said.

Long says elevated stress from major tragedies can manifest in a number of ways -- trouble eating or sleeping, headaches and other physical pains.

"And it's important to pay attention that if those symptoms last more than two weeks, that we consider reaching out to our family doctor or seeking out more professional behavioral health counseling."

Long also says when it all gets to be too much, disengaging from social media and the news cycle and spending more time with friends and family can help.


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