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Book Nook: Trespassing Across America, by Ken Ilgunas


Ken Ilgunas decided that he wanted to take a walk. It was a long walk. Ilgunas hiked from Fort McMurray in Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. He was following the route of the proposed Keystone/XL pipeline. He tried to follow the actual course so most of his trip was made across grasslands and range lands. He was trying to stay off the roadways. Ilgunas was trespassing on private land for most of his journey. But he never got arrested. Nobody shot him. And he had some amazing adventures and met some wonderful people along the way. This is a fabulous adventure story. Ilgunas is a gifted writer. I loved this book and I really enjoyed this interview. Books and interviews like this are the reason we do this program. They are informative. They are compelling. Best of all, they are fun!

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