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Book Nook: The Second Life of Nick Mason, by Steve Hamilton


Steve Hamilton has had a long and successful career as the author of a series of crime novels set in northern Michigan which feature Alex McKnight. Hamilton has just unveiled the first book in a new series that will be featuring a criminal named Nick Mason. In this debut Hamilton sketches out the outrageous circumstances that allowed Nick Mason to exit prison after serving only 5 years out of a 25 year sentence.

A crime boss inside the prison has arranged for Mason to get out early but there's a catch; Mason may be free in the literal sense but he is now indebted to his new patron who has set him up in a luxurious condo in Chicago. Mason seems to be living the good life but every time his phone rings he knows that it could be a call requesting that he commit another crime at the behest of his sponsor. When Mason went to prison he was a petty thief. Now that he's out he's being transformed into a contract killer.

In this interview the author shares his excitement about this new series. He's already sketched out a number of the books which will follow. This book was supposed to be out a year ago. He explains the circumstances that precipitated that unfortunate delay. The book is getting rave reviews. We can look forward to many more books in this sizzling series.

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