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Book Nook: The Night the Rich Men Burned, by Malcolm Mackay


Some wonderful things come from Scotland; single malt whisky, haggis, and Tartan Noir. OK, let's forget the haggis. I do live for the Tartan Noir though. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this dazzling literary genre? Scottish writers produce some of the finest crime novels; thus the term Tartan Noir. Should it be capitalized? I think so.

If you have been listening to this program over the years you have probably heard one of my interviews with some of the leading practitioners of this genre. Ian Rankin has been on the show half a dozen times. Denise Mina has graced our airwaves on a couple of occasions. And now I have just completed my first interview with a rising star of Tartan Noir. His name is Malcolm Mackay and he is amazing. Listen to this interview then track down his books. He has four available so far in the USA with another due out next year.

If you love a good crime novel, if you dig the late Donald Westlake's Parker books (written under his pen name of Richard Stark) then I think you'll really get off on Malcolm Mackay. I do.

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