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West Carrollton School District To Cut Transportation

The West Carrollton School District is making budget cuts in response to a levy failure last March.

Credit tncountryfan / Flickr/Creative Commons

The district is set to eliminate high school and preschool transportation for the 2016-2017 school year. They’ll also cut an additional $215,000 from school services.  

Superintendent Dr. Rusty Clifford said they tried to ensure their cuts did not affect the quality of education.

“You know if something’s got to go, is it the classroom teacher or is it transportation?" said Clifford. "We stay as far away from the classroom as we possibly can.”

Clifford said the district will be forced to cut 20 teachers if the 5.8 mill levy does not pass when it gets its second shot on the ballot this November. He said they’d also have put another 6.8 mill levy onnextSpring’s ballot.

If itdoespass in the fall, the district will bring back transportation services.

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