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Republican Voters Will Select Their 8th District Candidate Twice On Ballot

Voters choosing a Republican candidate for the 8th congressional district will have to select their candidate twice on March 15.Secretary of State Jon Husted says one vote on March 15 is for the Special Election to fill Speaker John Boehner’s unexpired term, and the second is the Republican primary for the full two-year term beginning in January 2017.

"These are two completely separate questions," Husted explains. "There will be a couple months left on the existing term that John Boehner vacated, so you will be voting for someone to fill that term. But you won't be wasting your vote if you vote for that same person or for a different person on the other question because that question is who you are nominating to appear on the ballot for the general election."


There are 15 Republican candidates, all of whom will appear in both questions on the March ballot. Husted says voters with a Democratic or Green Party ballot will only have to vote for their candidate once, because they are each uncontested in the March 15 primary.

The following are the 15 GOP candidates, Democratic candidate and third party candidates that are on the ballot for the8thCongressional District race in the special and general primary races on March 15:

    Matthew Ashworth, Hamilton, Republican

    Sen. Bill Beagle, Tipp City, Republican

    Warren Davidson, Troy, Republican

    Rep. Tim Derickson, Oxford, Republican

    Terri King, Middletown, Republican

    Joseph Matvey, West Chester Twp., Republican

    Edward Meer, West Chester Twp., Republican

    John Robbins, Monroe, Republican

    Michael Smith, Germantown, Republican

    Scott George, Troy, Republican

    Eric Haemmerle, West Chester Twp., Republican

    James Spurlino, Centerville, Republican

    Kevin White, New Carlisle, Republican

    J.D. Winteregg, Troy, Republican

    George Wooley, Troy, Republican

   Other Candidates:

    Corey Foister, Fairfield, Democratic

    Robert Coogan, Hamilton, Libertarian

    Jim Condit Jr., Cincinnati, Constitution/GreenSecretary of State Jon Husted explains GOP election.

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Wayne Baker is a graduate of Yellow Springs High School and Central State University. He has worked in print media for several years covering news and sports. Baker has coached youth basketball in the Yellow Springs school system and served on the Human Relations Commission.