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Kasich Remains Positive Despite 5th Place Finish In Nevada

Ohio Governor John Kasich is still in the race for president—even after he came in5thin the Republican caucuses in Nevada Tuesday. In media interviews, the candidatesays heremains positive about his chances to pick up more support leading up to Super Tuesday primaries next week.


A recent Quinnipiac poll placed Kasich behind Donald Trump in the primary raceeven in Kasich’s home state of Ohio—that primary is March 15.


But another Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday suggests the governor would come out ahead in a general election race against democratic nominees Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.


Credit Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

Republican Brian Jarvis is the former mayor of Beavercreek but still holds a city commission seat. He says Kasich’s softer style is more suitedto a general electioncampaign. 

“But the game right now is to get through the primary," said Jarvis.  "You don’t get to the general election without getting through the primary and he’s got to do what it takes to beat his current competitors.”


On the campaign trail,Kasichis citing his fiscal experience as both governor and a former US congressman, as well as his experience in the private sector working for Lehman Brothers.Ohio is a winner-take-all state, with 66 delegates going to the top finisher in the Republican Primary. Democrats have a more complex system of delegates and super delegates. Recent reports suggest that super delegates in Ohio are more firmly behind Clinton.


On Wednesday, Kasich held town hall meetings in Mississippi and Louisiana.Then he’s moves on to similar events in Tennessee this weekend.

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