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State Unveils Plan to Reduce College Costs

Ohio's higher education leader says Governor John Kasich's administration will seek in its upcoming budget to expand partnerships that allow students to take three of four years of their bachelor's degree coursework at a community college.

Credit SalFalko / Flickr Creative Commons

Chancellor John Carey said Monday expanding "3-plus-1" programs between two- and four-year institutions would continue to reduce Ohio college costs.Kasich'smidterm budget also calls for up to 10 bachelor's degrees to be offered through community colleges.Further, the proposal includes a pilot program where high-school students could receive remediation in tandem with college-level work and skills-based competency certificates, and a requirement that public universities continue cost-sharing and other savings opportunities.

Ohio would also join a Midwest reciprocity program under the plan that provides reduced tuition for select programs at participating out-of-state institutions.


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