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Book Nook: House of Transformation, by Astrea Taylor


The audience that obsesses over our media driven pop culture possesses an insatiable appetite. The celebrities who become the focus of all that attention are sometimes devoured in the process. The list of victims is long. The pressures of being a celebrity can be enormous. Say goodbye to your privacy. Guard your sanity. The paparazzi are lurking at every turn.

Astrea Taylor's novel "House of Transformation" tells the story of a music star who is having a hard time coping with her fame. As the story opens she is out of control, on drugs, a hazard to herself and to those around her. She tries to flee. To hide. Her former friend is surprised when this fugitive celebrity turns up at her door.

This is a story about the high cost of fame and the toll that it can exact upon relationships. The threat it can pose to sanity. It can cost celebrities their lives. Astrea Taylor has penned a compelling page turner.

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