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Book Nook: The Triumph of William McKinley - Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters, by Karl Rove


Karl Rove was the man who engineered the election victories of George W. Bush. It was Rove who worked behind the scenes to get his candidate elected Governor of Texas and then to two terms as the President of the United States. This man lives and breathes politics.

When I was offered the chance to interview him about his book "The Triumph of William McKinley - Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters" I did not hesitate for a moment. Rove believes that William McKinley, a man from Canton, Ohio, was one of our great presidents. Listen to this interview to find out why Rove believes that this is a fact.

And with the GOP currently locked in a fascinating battle for that party's presidential nomination I was determined to find out what Karl Rove was thinking about that process. He had some interesting things to say about one of the candidates, a man who appeared on this program back in the late 1990's. No, not Governor Kasich, another candidate who has also been on the show back when he was Congressman Kasich. I asked Karl Rove what he thinks about the frontrunner, Donald Trump. Trump has said some unkind things about Rove. I had to keep chipping away for a bit but eventually the floodgates opened and Rove talked about Trump. That, my friends, was a Book Nook moment.

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