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Cincinnati Mayor Opposes Move To Delay In-Person Voting

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

While Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says the recommendation to delay in-person voting from March 17 until June 2 has the support of both the Republican and Democratic party chiefs, at least one local politician is opposed: Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Cranley says he has supported other public health orders, but is concerned "the precedent could haunt future elections." 

"I respectfully disagree with Governor DeWine's decision to move the election with less than twenty-four hours' notice," Cranley writes. "I have supported the Governor's other public health orders related to the coronavirus, and I believe the Governor made this decision because he believes it is right for public health. However, I worry that the precedent could haunt future elections by people who are not motivated by the same public good." 

The Democrat says there's no reason to believe the coronavirus pandemic will be over by June 2. "Accordingly, I am calling on the state to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters and encourage mail-in voting," the statement concludes. 

Neither the governor nor the Secretary of State have the ability to change Ohio's election; that power lies with the state legislature. But in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus, DeWine is recommending the state allow absentee voting through mail until June 2, with no in-person voting allowed until then.

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