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Debbie Harry 'Faces It' In New Memoir

Debbie Harry on tour in 2017.
Debbie Harry on tour in 2017.

In her new book, Debbie Harry invites you in for an in-depth and personal look at the forming of the band Blondie, her close relationships, her troubles, and her successes.

Now in her 70s, the Blondie frontwoman has finally produced what she has long teased of doing: an intimate self-portrait in the form of a revealing new memoir/autobiography. Face Itwas released just this week and spans the singer's childhood in New Jersey (including details about her being placed for adoption and how that impacts her life today), through her rise to music stardom, with details about how the song "Heart of Glass" was composed, as well as her experience playing Velma Glass in the 1988 film Hairspray.

Debbie Harry joins Cincinnati Edition to talk about the new book.

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