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Greg Hand Is Keeping Cincinnati's Weird Past Alive

Cincinnati's lion slayer, the dog catcher and the best Cincinnati artist you've never heard of. These are some of the characters Greg Hand brings back to life when he's writing wild and bizarre tales of our city's past.

The retired associate vice president of public relations at the University of Cincinnati was well-known for sending out press releases, sometimes detailing crime around campus. Now, he scours Cincinnati's old newspapers, uncovering crimes and quirks from a time long ago.

In his blog Cincinnati Curiosities, Hand describes himself as "working overtime to keep alive the weird soul of the Queen City." Some of these stories end up in front of a live audience. Hand performs with bar owner and mixologist Molly Wellman when she hosts Stand-Up History, a story-telling evening at her bar Japp's. Hand will also speak this Thursday, August 29 at 7 p.m. at Lola's Coffee House in Hyde Park on the subject of "The Frail Sisterhood" and the history of Cincinnati's red-light district.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss Cincinnati Curiosities is writer Greg Hand. 

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