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Are The Suburbs Actually Becoming Cool?

Floral Avenue in Fort Mitchell, Ky.
Michael Monks
Floral Avenue in Fort Mitchell, Ky.

There are plenty of examples indicating an urban renaissance in the historic core of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. But, like their more urban peers, the region’s first ring suburbs also experienced a decline in quality of life in the latter part of the 20th century, and were also impacted greatly by the Great Recession.

So named for their role as the literal first suburbs and for typically being located within the "ring" of the circular highway routes like I-275, first ring suburbs are also now seeing an upswing in interest and development, though their situations are often different than their urban neighbors.

Local government leaders in the first ring suburbs should adopt new, forward-leaning strategies to arrest first suburban decline, writes Silverton Village Manager Tom Carroll, in a new research-based paper about growth strategies.

Recently, the Village of Silverton, Ohio, landed a prominent luxury apartment and office development, and a new brewery. In Fort Mitchell, on the Kentucky side of the river, a new brewery is set to open, too, as the city sees an influx of new businesses in its historic central business district.

How are these local first ring suburbs managing to navigate the changing climate to continue their own positive economic development? Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss first ring suburbs are Silverton Village Manager Tom Carroll; Fort Mitchell City Administrator Sharmili Reddy (@sharmilireddy); and Management Partners President and CEO Jerry Newfarmer (@jnewfarmer).

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