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When Economic Development And Preservationists Collide

A postcard featuring The Gourmet Restaurant at the Terrace Plaza Hotel.
A postcard featuring The Gourmet Restaurant at the Terrace Plaza Hotel.

The impact of historic preservation is often discussed in a region like ours, with an aging housing stock and a resurgence in urban revitalization. From the rebirth of century-old buildings in Over-the-Rhine, Covington and Newport, to more high-profile restorations of landmark spaces like Music Hall and Union Terminal, preservationists work to make their case that historic properties are worth saving.

Sometimes, economic development projects or other priorities conflict with preservationists' goals, most recently exhibited by the debate over the future of the Terrace Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. On Cincinnati Edition, we take a look at the future of that space, the fight by preservationists to salvage the building’s past, and an examination of what some believe to be the importance of historic preservation in general.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss are Cincinnati Preservation Association executive director Paul Muller and Mansion Hill Properties developer and Newport Business Association president Mark Ramler.

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