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Start Hear: Exoplanets, Othnielia and Thanatology

This week on Start Hear:

  • Gravity Assist: Dr. Jim Green, NASA's director of planetary science, takes you on a guided tour of the solar system and beyond.
  • I Know Dino: The big dinosaur podcast.
  • Life, Death & Tarot: Join designer and thanatologist Cole Imperi as tarot helps to explore life, our fears and struggles, our dreams and ambitions.

And we look at the some of the titles making themselves known on itunescharts.net.

  • The Wilderness: A documentary about the history and future of the Democratic Party.

You can find these and other great podcast titles at wvxu.org/podcastcentral.

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Join Tripp Eldredge as he explores the world of podcasts on Start Hear.