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Video: Cool New Trailer Celebrates Cincinnati Movie Scenes

Film Cincinnati celebrates its 30th anniversary with a cool video montage of 30 years of movie scenes shot here, from "Rain Main" and "Airborne"  to "Carol," "Miles Ahead" and "Goat."

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in "Miles Ahead."
Credit Brian Douglas / Sony Pictures Classics
Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in "Miles Ahead."

The video by Brave Berlin was released to help promote "Backlot 30," the film commission's anniversary party on a simulated movie set complete with stunt actors, directors setting up shots, extras moving from scene to scene, make-up artists, and lots of props

In 60 seconds on YouTube, you'll see Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise in "Rain Man," Jodie Foster in Over-the-Rhine in "Little Man Tate," George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in "The Ides of March," Nick Jonas in a "Goat" hazing scene, "Airborne" skateboarding (with Seth Green?) under the Brent Spence Bridge; Rooney Mara taking photographs of Cate Blanchett at Eden Park Overlook in "Carol," Don Cheadle playing trumpet as Miles Davis and the "Miles Ahead" boxing scene in the Mount Adams' Monastery Event Center; Joe Pesci and Barbara Hershey in "The Public Eye," Michael Douglas in "Traffic" and a "Seabiscuit" horse-racing scene.


Pretty amazing.  And a great way to show off Cincinnati – and the city's film legacy in 30 years. (I'm sure there are more, I didn't recognize a few scenes.)

Director-actor Emilio Estevz, who filmed "The Public" in February at the downtown Public Library, and Grammy-winner Che "Rhymefest" Smith, who acts in the film, also will attend the gala.

The “Backlot 30” street party will be held in Over-the-Rhine between Central Parkway and Branch Street, west of the Rhinegeist brewery and north of Findlay Market, on Saturday, Sept. 23.  My "Film Cincinnati Celebrates 30th Anniversary With A 'Backlot' Party Sept. 23" story has links to buy tickets for the event. 

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