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It's Like AirBnB, But For Boats And Yachts

WavStay asks why stay on land when you can have a boat with a view.
WavStay asks why stay on land when you can have a boat with a view.

Building on the popularity of companies like AirBnB and Home Away, two Cincinnati natives are launching WavStay. Think of it like AirBnB, but for boats and yachts."We were actually just sitting at our dock one day," says Denise Harris who founded the company with her husband Bob Thompson, "and saying 'there's so many boats and yachts that go unused, we should be renting these out.'"

Starting Tuesday, people can begin searching the online database for boats/yachts to rent or charter. Harris says the site will also include waterfront properties like cabins or houses, "anything on the water."

"You can go and host or be a guest on someone's yacht for a night, or a weekend, or a week, or a month, anywhere in the United States. And, by the end of the summer, we hope to be global."

Harris points out the boats don't leave the dock unless your stay includes a captain. "They just stay at the dock. People use them as a temporary type of hotel. It's a hotel with a view."

Boat owners must provide proof of insurance and those offering charter services must provide their captain's license.

Harris says the site offers everything from 26 foot boats to 55 foot yachts and houseboats. "Those can range anywhere from about $80 per night up to about $250 here in Cincinnati for a standard size yacht."

The average in the Cincinnati area, she says, is about $100 per night.

Prices in the Caribbean could run around $25,000 for a "mega-yacht."

The site will also offer private and group charters.

WavStay plans to launch a mobile app soon. There are also plans for a ride-hailing app similar to Uber, but for boats.

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