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Warren County Republican All In For Trump

Ron Maag
Ron Maag
Ron Maag
Credit Howard Wilkinson / WVXU
Ron Maag

CLEVELAND - In an Ohio delegation where there are plenty of people who have their doubts about Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, there are some who are all-in.

State Rep. Ron Maag, R-Lebanon, is one of them.

He's an alternate delegate, pledged to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whom he supported over Trump in the March Ohio presidential primary.

But, now, Maag says, he is "absolutely supporting Donald Trump, 100 percent."

When asked why, Maag had a simple response.

"Because he is the nominee of my party,'' said Maag, who represents much of Warren County in the Ohio House.

This is Maag's final term in the House; he can't run for re-election this year under the term limits law.

Maag, walking through the lobby of the Ohio delegation hotel after breakfast, told WVXU that, despite his support for Kasich, he is convinced Trump can be "a fine president."

"He may end up being the next Ronald Reagan,'' Maag said.

Trump, he said, is a man "who speaks from the heart." He said that he can't think of any of Trump campaign rhetoric that has particularly offended him.

"The fact is this,'' Maag said. "We live in a dangerous world. We need somebody who is strong and going to stand up for America. I think Trump can be that man."

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