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Triantafilou: Trump Campaign Should Stop Criticizing Kasich

CLEVELAND - Donald Trump's campaign manager caused a stir in the Ohio delegation Monday with remarks on NBC's Today Show criticizing Ohio Gov. John Kasich's decision to stay away from the Republican National Convention.

Campaign manager Paul Manafort said Kasich's decision not to participate in the convention being held in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena "makes no sense."

"He is embarrassing his state, frankly,'' Manafort said on NBC.

Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou, a Kasich delegate who says he is "all in" for supporting Trump this fall, said Monday afternoon Manafort's comments were "just wrong."

"I disagree completely,'' Triantafilou said. "We should be making love here, not war. There's no reason to fight over this."

The governor, Triantafilou said, "has always been his own man, whether it was in expanding Medicaid or working for Senate Bill 5. When it comes to Trump, he's clearly not feeling it. I am supporting Trump myself, but I wouldn't criticize the governor for what he is doing."

Kasich was Triantafilou's first choice for the nomination; and he supported Kasich during the Ohio primary campaign. Ohio was the only state Kasich won in the nomination battle.

Since then, he has steadfastly refused to endorse Trump.

Kasich is here in Cleveland, but apparently has no plans to go to the convention hall. He is making speeches before the New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Michigan delegations.

And, Tuesday afternoon, the Ohio delegation will throw a party for Kasich at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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