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Mayor Says MSD Audit Is Independent

Credit Sarah Ramsey / WVXU

An online Enquirer report Thursday questioned whether the ongoing audit of the Metropolitan Sewer District is truly independent.  It questions if the city manager and city solicitor are playing too big a role in the review.

Mayor John Cranley addressed the issue during the regular weekly council meeting.

"It is an independent audit led by a volunteer, Jim Goetz, who is not being paid by the city," Cranley said.  "Obviously you have staff support to do the work, but trust me nobody is telling Jim what to say or do in that audit as you know.  And I hope that his reputation and the reputation of the report is not unduly hurt."

Goetz is getting assistance from former assistant city manager and finance director Bill Moeller.  

The report is now expected to be released by the middle of the month.

Council member Kevin Flynn said he is fully supportive of the MSD audit.  He said he spoke with Goetz Thursday morning.

"I have the utmost confidence that it's going to be a good report when it comes out," Flynn said.  "And he's assured me he's working on getting it out as quickly as it can with it being as final as it can be and as conclusive as it can be."

Some council members say they need the audit information before voting on MSD projects in the upcoming city budget.

The audit is reviewing MSD contracting and procurement practices.


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