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Cincinnati Council To Vote On Manager Review Process

The full Cincinnati Council could vote Wednesday on an ordinance setting up a formal review process for the city manager.  

The Rules and Audit Committee approved the plan Tuesday.  It would let council pick three members to do a performance review.  

City lawyer Jennifer McKenzie said others would be involved too.

“It also allows for the opportunity for individuals who report to the city manager and citizens who work with the city manager also to have some input in the process,” McKenzie said.

Current manager Harry Black received a pay raise last fall after an evaluation from Mayor John Cranley.  But council members were not involved.  

Council Member Yvette Simpson worked on the new proposal after complaining about the process last year.

“Our chief executive officer is the most important paid professional in our city,” Simpson said.  “And the idea that we wouldn’t have a process for evaluating that individual’s performance, or even giving that individual some indication what they’re being judged on and what they should be working towards, I think, is a mistake.”

The mayor could conduct a separate personal evaluation since he or she has the power to hire and replace the city manager. 

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