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Cincinnati Begins Releasing Details From Youth Study

Cincinnati launched a youth study about two years ago. Now some data from the research is being released.  

Official said there is no comprehensive information on local kids.  There are some regional numbers and most of it is focused on health statistics.

Some preliminary data was released Monday and more will be out later this month.  Meanwhile, a third phase of the study will begin soon.  

Dr. Monica Mitchell is with Children's Hospital and has been working on the effort.  She explained one of the goals during a presentation to a Cincinnati City Council committee.

“To evaluate the resources, programs and services, and to understand better how those are either meeting the needs of our youth or not,” Mitchell said.  “So that can be an opportunity for us to integrate or coordinate resources better.”

Some initial data suggest half of the city's youth live in nine neighborhoods: Westwood, West Price Hill, East Price Hill, College Hill, Avondale, Mt. Airy, Hyde Park, Mt. Washington, and Winton Hills.

That could drive efforts to make sure services and resources are available to kids where they live.

Other study findings:

  • The city’s total youth population under 18 years is about 60,000.
  • 56 percent of families are led by a female householder with no husband present.
  • 49 percent of youth under 21 in Cincinnati are white; 46 percent are black.
  • 12 percent of youth between 16-24 years old are unemployed.

The study examined education, workforce development, developmental opportunities, health, poverty, and crime/safety.

Youth, parents/guardians, and key stakeholders were interviewed for the research.

Xavier University's Valerie Daley said she is anxious to review upcoming findings.

“I think one of the most interesting aspects is going to be how kids are reporting that they’re doing and see their future, and what they think that they need,” Daley said.  “And how parents and stakeholders see that, because they’re not always the same picture.”

The groups working on the study plan to make recommendations for actionable steps the city and others can take to improve the lives of young people. 


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