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Cincinnati's Most Popular Baby Names Of 2015

If you gave birth to an Ava or a Jackson in 2015, you weren't alone. Those were the two most popular baby names in Cincinnati last year.

The Cincinnati Vital Records Office reports nearly 10,000 babies were born in the city in 2015. The number of boys and girls was almost evenly split. January was the most popular birth month, according to the office.

Hamilton County Public Health says baby names is not a health condition which it tracks.

The Social Security Administration also tracks baby names. A spokesperson says 2015 naming information will be released around Mother's Day. The most popular names in the USA in 2014 were Noah and Emma. The most popular names in Ohio and Indiana in 2014 were Liam and Emma. In Kentucky they were William and Emma.

The most popular names in Cincinnati in 2015:

Girls                                     Boys

1.            Ava                              1. Jackson

2.            Olivia                          2. William

3.            Evelyn                        3. Benjamin

4.            Madelyn                    4. Carter

5.            Sophia                        5. Henry

6.            Aubree                       6. James

7.            Grace                          7. Liam

8.            Nora                            8. Luke

9.            Abigail                        9. Charles

10.         Avery & Emma        10. Oliver

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