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Seeking Alternatives For MSD Waste Incinerator

Credit Sarah Ramsey

By the middle of the month, the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) will have options and costs for what to do with a waste incinerator at its Little Miami Treatment plant.  

The agency is working with federal and state regulators on alternatives.  

MSD Director Gerald Checco said that includes updating the current incinerator or building a new one.  But he said there are other options.

“We are also looking at a waste to energy sludge disposal and a reconditioning of the sludge to meet a Class A bio-solid,” Checco said.  “Which basically can be land applied if we treat our sludge in a certain way.  We can then create basically fertilizer for agricultural use.”

MSD scrapped a plan to close the incinerator because that would mean trucking sewer sludge to the Mill Creek treatment facility or a landfill.  

Any alternative likely means the plant will not make a March 2016 deadline to comply with new federal guidelines.  That is why federal and state regulators are involved in the discussions.


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