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Getting Back to Class: Akron Public School Teachers and Staff Set to Return to Buildings


Since March 16, 2020, when Governor Mike DeWine announced an “extended spring break” for students and staff until April 3, 2020, Akron Public Schools have adapted to online learning and supporting kids from afar. Almost one year later, Akron Public Schools will bring teachers and staff back to buildings beginning March 8.

While students and staff have not been in their classrooms, the schools have pulled together over the past year to provide instruction to the district's 21,000 students by providing Chromebooks to students in grades 2-12 and food assistance for those children who relied on receiving two meals a day at school.

Now, as they prepare to return to campus, the school district’s primary concern is obtaining and administering vaccinations for roughly 3,000 instructors and staff.

It had hoped to receive all doses at once, but instead began vaccinating teachers and staff on Saturday, Feb.6 with 900 doses. Akron Education Association President Patricia Shipe says those employees will get their second dose on Feb. 27. The remaining employees will receive the first dose this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12 and 13, and their second dose on March 5 and 6.

This week, families are being asked to let the district know whether they want their child to return to in-person instruction or continue learning remotely.

“Going remote they’re not guaranteed having their own teacher," Shipe said, "because those teachers could be teaching in-person classes.”

Shipe says remote students will have an Akron Public Schools teacher, but the district won’t assign those teachers until they have the survey results late next week.

She says teachers will have a week to prepare before the first students return to school beginning March 15.

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