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COMPASS Program Launches in Akron to Assist Young Ex-Offenders in Creating Better Lives

A new program dedicated to preventing recidivism, the likelihood of an ex-offender committing another crime, has begun in Akron.

Akron Municipal Court Judge David Hamilton says the COMPASS program, which stands for Compassion, Opportunity, Mentoring, Purpose, Assistance, Survival and Stepping forward, is the first of its kind in Ohio. It aims to help 18-to-26-year-old men who have a history of homelessness and family violence.

“One way that you tackle recidivism is by offering these types of opportunities—offering mentorship programs, offering job opportunities, offering counseling, trauma therapy, those type of things,” Hamilton said.

The program runs six to 12 months, but Hamilton says it will continue to provide resources after completion that he hopes will contribute to its success.

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