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Tech Advocate Says Digital Auto Titles Could be in Ohio's Near Future

Bernie Moreno at the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland.
Bernie Moreno at the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland.

Ohio car-buyers could soon have the option of receiving digital titles according to Lt. Gov. Jon Husted.

Husted made the announcement earlier this week at the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland, an event promoting blockchain technology.

Husted is head of a new working group called InnovateOhio, which identified the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as an agency ripe for innovation.

Conference organizer Bernie Moreno has formed a company that uses secure blockchain technology to provide digital titles.

He says it will be similar to how travelers use airline passes.

“The consumer doesn’t have to do anything differently," Moreno said. "They just have something sent to them, there’d be a link, kind of like your boarding pass in the mail, and you open that link and next thing you know the car title is in your Apple wallet.”

Moreno hopes to have his digital car title company launched by early next year.

He says the secure blockchain technology takes the place of notarization.

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