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Portman Says Impeachment Inquiry Should Be Open

Senator Rob Portman of Cincinnati
Senator Rob Portman of Cincinnati

Sen. Rob Portman says he’d like the current impeachment inquiry to be more transparent. His comment follows a move earlier this week by House Republicans to disrupt the closed-door proceedings. He says it's not a tactic he would use. 

Democratic lawmakers have said that initial interviews in the case need to be conducted in private to prevent coordinated testimony.

“I hope that the process can be opened up more so that people can see what’s going on. It’s a very serious thing, obviously, impeachment. I’m going to be a juror on the Senate side -- assuming they impeach in the House – and I take it seriously. But I do hope it’s a more transparent process.”

Portman said earlier this month that it was “not appropriate” for President Trump to ask Ukraine or China for help investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. But he does not consider it an impeachable offense.

Portman was in Northeast Ohio Friday for the opening of the new Cuyahoga Valley National Park Visitor Center.

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