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How Do You Get a Job at Amazon? Here's How It Worked in Dayton

Amazon's fulfillment center in Monroe, Ohio launched in early July.
Amazon's fulfillment center in Monroe, Ohio launched in early July.

Amazon's announcement about a new facility for Akron prompted several responses from WKSU listeners. 

Cheryl Doss said, "This is amazing for Akron!!"

"I think it’s wonderful and it will help people without current jobs and their families!" said Denise Pistek.

"Excited beyond belief," said Elizabeth Bartz. "1,500 jobs don't usually land in our backyard. Mayor Horrigan worked hard to bring Amazon to Akron."

Two, who preferred to remain anonymous, also welcomed the news. One shared, "I'm glad that it will revitalize a dead area but also create jobs. But I worry about terrible labor practices Amazon is known for." The other said, "I think it's a good thing. Great opportunity for employment and will bring tax revenue to our city."

And Hayley Borotkanics and Jennifer Tanner wondered about employment. "How do I apply for a job at this location?" Tanner queried.

For some guidance we reached out to Monroe, Ohio where a similar Amazon facility opened in early July. Jennifer Patterson, who grew up in Akron, is assistant to the city manager in Monroe. She oversees economic development projects. She says Amazon posted managements jobs fairly early, but floor employees weren't hired until a few weeks before launch.

"They partnered with our county services, Warren County, Ohio Means Jobs, and from there they had a variety of open meetings and information sessions and opportunities for people to meet and learn more about what Amazon could offer them," Patterson said. 

Jennifer Patterson on Amazon's process.

"Amazon has opened these facilities throughout the country, and you can tell they know what they're doing when they start to work on hiring. It's noticeable in the speed in which they are able to ramp up and get ready for facility launch," she said. 

In Monroe, it took nearly two years from the announcement of the facility until its launch. 

In an email, Amazon spokesman Andre Woodson said of the Akron project, "we have not announced the launch timeline but expect it to move quickly." He stated that people interested in applying for jobs with Amazon can learn more and apply at www.amazondelivers.jobs.

Amazon currently has six distribution facilities in Ohio that are similar to the one planned in Akron. Woodson says one in North Randall is fully operational and another in Euclid plans to launch some time this year.  

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How Do You Get a Job at Amazon? Here's How It Worked in Dayton