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15 Rescued From Cuyahoga River in the Last Week

The swollen Cuyahoga River in Kent.
The swollen Cuyahoga River in Kent.

Weeks of heavy rain have left the Cuyahoga River swollen, and that’s posing a danger to anyone using the river.

Fifteen people have been rescued since water levels rose according to John Kobak, with the Keel Hauler Canoe Club. He said fallen trees are adding to the hazard.

“They need to get in there and get any of these trees out of the way. Because it could come down to normal flow and somebody’s going to come down with their inner tube and they’re going to get stuck in that tree, and like I said the likelihood of drowning is fairly high.”

Kobak said people should always check water levels before they go out on the river. He also advises everyone to avoid the section of the river below Route 8 in Cuyahoga Falls.

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