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Cleveland Clinic is the First Hospital to Use New Generation Robotic Surgery

The Cleveland Clinic is the first hospital in the nation to use a new generation of robotics to make prostate surgeries less invasive.

Dr. Jihad Kaouk performed three successful surgeries last Friday using the Single Port SP Robot. The robot removed one enlarged prostate and two that were cancerous.

Dr. Kaouk says these procedures normally require about five cuts, but the new robot makes one small incision, causing patients less pain and allowing for a quicker recovery.

“We’re very happy that technology keeps improving so we can serve our patients with the least pain possible, and the least inconvenience when they come for surgery.”

Dr. Kaouk says engineers have been developing the SP Robot for about eight years. It’s currently only allowed for urology surgeries, but Dr. Kaouk believes the technology will be approved for other uses.

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