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Bounce Innovation Hub Partners With MAGNET In Akron

The Iterator will be housed on Bounce's Akron property.
The Iterator will be housed on Bounce's Akron property.

A new resource is starting in Akron to help entrepreneurs who are working to manufacture products.

Bounce Innovation Hub is partnering with the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, known as MAGNET, to start the Iterator.

It will coordinate Bounce’s innovation hub services with MAGNET’s product development skills.

MAGNET’s Brandon Cornuke says he’s confident this partnership will help Akron thrive with new jobs and new ideas.

“Our philosophy is pretty much to help entrepreneurs understand the most important things they need to know, and spend the least amount of time and money learning as much as they can about those things. Entrepreneurship is full of risks and lots of guesses, and we aim to help our clients understand those guesses and address them quickly.”

The Iterator is located on Bounce’s property in downtown Akron.

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