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LGBTQ Rights Group Slams Bill On Parents’ Rights Over Trans Kids

Equality Ohio pushes back on controversial LBGTQ bill.
Equality Ohio pushes back on controversial LBGTQ bill.

A bill that two conservative Republican lawmakers say asserts a parent’s right to decide if their transgender child should undergo treatment is getting strong pushback from an LGBTQ rights group. Equality Ohio opposes transgender health bill

Equality Ohio says the bill from Reps. Tom Brinkman and Paul Zeltwanger could deny necessary medical care to trans kids under 18. And the group’s Grant Stancliff says its requirement that teachers and other public employees notify parents in writing if their child's expressed sexual identity doesn’t match their biological gender is confusing.

“If a girl wants to enroll in shop class, is that something where she’s going to get a letter sent home? If Billy doesn’t want to play football, does he get a letter sent home? Not only does it mess with this kind of access to health care, but it creates these weird kind of policing of behaviors.”

The sponsors say the bill is about parental rights. But Equality Ohio says it targets only transgender youth, who are very vulnerable, and it’s the only bill like this in the country.

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