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Cleveland Clinic Akron General Arts Therapy Program Aims to Help Chronic Illness

A local therapy program at Cleveland Clinic Akron General will help adults with chronic illnesses explore the arts.

It’s called HeRe We Arts. It’s a therapy program that uses music, visual arts, movement, theater and writing to help treat things like mental illness, arthritis and diabetes. Lisa Gallagher, the research program manager, says participants have seen success with these groups, with some feeling less chronic pain.

Gallagher on the program

“They’ve formed great connections within the groups that have continued outside of the groups. They’ve asked us to continue," she says. "Once the eight weeks is over, they’ve asked for more."

It’s an eight-week-long controlled trial. Half of the participants will get art therapy starting on May 4, and the other half will begin in the fall. 

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