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Ohio's Manufacturing Gains On the Rise

Interior of a manufacturing plant
Interior of a manufacturing plant
Interior of a manufacturing plant
Machines used for manufacturing sit in a factory.

A new report on Northeast Ohio manufacturing shows that the region’s output is nearly matching pre-recession levels.

The report, published by Team NEO in partnership with MAGNET, also places the region above the rest of the nation in productivity.

Jacob Duritsky, Team NEO’s Vice President of Strategy and Research, says the increase in efficiency and a shift to higher-value products, such as electronics and technology, is to thank for this rise that’s expected to continue.

“That impact is huge,” he said. “You look at the economy overall and it makes up 20 percent of the economy directly, but when you take into account all of the supply chain jobs that come from it, all of the service sector jobs that are there that support the workers who are getting paid wages in it, you’re talking a little more than 40 percent of the overall economy in Northeast Ohio is driven through manufacturing.”


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