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Survey Shows Ohio's Roads Are Getting Worse

Ohio falls into the "Average" category.
Ohio falls into the "Average" category.
Ohio falls into the "Average" category.
Credit Reason Foundation
Ohio falls into the "Average" category.

An annual survey of the nation’s highways finds that Ohio’s roads are getting worse. The report from the Reason Foundation shows that overall, Ohio slipped from ninth to 26th.

The drop is in part due to new information on the condition of the state’s bridges as well as worsening road conditions despite an increase in spending

Baruch Feigenbaum, assistant director for transportation policy at the Reason Foundation, wrote the report.

“The trend of Ohio’s road conditions being in worse shape is a little bit troubling, and so it’s something I think the state DOT needs to look at. Obviously, you know, you can’t make a lot from just one year — we look at trends overall — but it definitely bears watching.

Ohio did best when it came to rural pavement conditions and overall fatality rates. The worst rankings came in spending on bridge improvements.


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