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Northeast Ohio and International Business Incubators Strike A Deal

YBI CEO Barb Ewing
YBI CEO Barb Ewing

A major Israeli business accelerator is now set to work with the Youngstown Business Incubator to bring high-tech start-ups to the Mahoning Valley. 

YBI CEO Barb Ewing
Credit Commerce Department
YBI CEO Barb Ewing

Youngstown incubator CEO Barb Ewing says the agreement with The Junction connects entrepreneurial tech ventures in Israel with markets and operating opportunities in Ohio.  

The Junction helps new companies with funding and with identifying international markets.  The Incubator helps international companies move to Youngstown with a program of services like U.S. market research and cultural guidance called Soft Landings.

"Through this process we hope to create a pipeline and deal flow for our Soft Landings program, to attract Israeli companies to relocate to northeast Ohio, and in particular Youngstown.”

Ewing adds that the fit with The Junction and Youngstown Incubator is especially good because both are very active in advancing 3-D printing.  

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