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Akron High Schools and Middle Schools Will Have Narcan on Hand as a Precaution

Narcan nasal spray
Narcan nasal spray

Akron Public Schools will have Narcan on hand this fall.  Monday, the school board approved equipping the district’s 18 high schools and middle schools with the opioid overdose antidote.

Narcan nasal spray
Credit Narcan Nasal Spray
Narcan nasal spray

Although there has never been a reported overdose case in an Akron school, in the face of the opioid crisis the school board decided to take preemptive action. 

School spokesman Mark Williamson says having Narcan available is a first step.

“Everything we’ve talked up until now has been in sort of generalities and sketches of what this will look like But we have a little bit of time before the start of the school year to have this policy written and then approved and put in place.”

Williamson says Narcan nasal spray is to be carried by school resource officers during school hours. He says it will be carried by each school resource officer during his or her shift.

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