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Street Vendors Say RNC Sales Were Hit or Miss


  The Republican National Convention, and the tens of thousands of visitors who came along with it, is packing up and leaving town this morning. And as Matt Richmond of Ohio Public Radio’s WCPN reports, the street vendors that popped up in Downtown Cleveland found sales to be hit or miss.

For Quincy, a button vendor on Euclid Avenue, near 4th Street, this wasn’t a good year for buttons. He’s been going to conventions for decades and he says sales at this one have not been good.

“Don’t know why, just know the business that’s been derived from them, it’s been less than half,” he says. 

Down the street, a shirt seller who called himself Jeff Thomas, says he’s been selling pretty well this week, with two slogans doing better than the others.

“Anybody but Hillary and El Chapo for President.”

El Chapo is the infamous, recently captured Mexican drug trafficker. 

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