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Chefs in the City

  • Summertime is the season when we all scream for ice cream and extreme milkshakes, a newer, cooler tasty treat. We'll get the latest scoop on ice cream treats in Columbus and Central Ohio.
  • On our monthly Chefs in the City show we talk about the new Hilton in downtown Columbus, Valentine’s Day dining plans and more.
  • The holidays are upon us, and with just a few weeks until Christmas All Sides Weekend Chefs is here to help you celebrate the holidays with food and drink in central Ohio.
  • On Friday’s All Sides: Chefs in the City, we will talk with Erin Edwards, Dining Editor of Columbus Monthly, about the new Columbus Monthly 10 Best Restaurants list.
  • Friday on All Sides Weekend Chefs in the City, we explore the depth and breadth of Columbus’ international restaurant scene, much of it supported by local ethnic communities.
  • All Sides Weekend: Chefs In The City looks at the world of world cuisine in central Ohio
  • For central Ohio restaurants, the struggles and challenges of 2021 have carried over into the new year. We catch up on what’s new and what’s been lost to the pandemic.
  • Bartenders in central Ohio are upping their game by offering ever more creative cocktails. The trend also includes an uptick in non-alcoholic versions, or mocktails, and plans for Columbus’ first-ever sober bar. On our monthly, Chefs in the City show we talk about the cocktail craze in Columbus.
  • The Columbus food scene has evolved over the decades. We take a look at the history of central Ohio restaurants and the emergence of restaurant neighborhoods.
  • Summer is the height of restaurant season, and owners in central Ohio are looking to take full advantage of better weather, lower COVID cases and improving vaccination rates. Today on All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City: We’ll talk about the classic outdoor venues, the new and notables, plus the hidden treasures.