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  • If you’re packing for your summer getaway check out All Sides Weekend with Christopher Purdy. You may learn about a book or two you might want to kick back and relax with on the beach, in the mountains or your backyard.
  • This time on All Sides Weekend, the latest in exciting fall programming for the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the best fall page-turners.
  • See what’s coming from books publishers this fall on All Sides Weekend: Books with Christopher Purdy.
  • It's easy to get lost in the fictional world of a book. "The Great American Read," highlights 100 of the best-loved books chosen by voters. The list…
  • Join guest host Christopher Purdy as we discuss the Columbus library's latest "Quick Picks" and more.Guest:Kassie Rose, WOSU book criticRobin Nesbitt,…
  • Today at 11amJust like our favorite pair of jeans, a tune and a go-to movie, there are some books that are eternal must-reads! Coming up a look at the…
  • Today guest host Christopher Purdy sits down with a panel of experts to talk about the latest in book news in the Columbus Area.Guests:Kassie Rose, book…