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Bill In The Works Would Allow Student Athletes To Get Endorsement Deals

California recently passed a law that will allow college athletes to be compensated through endorsement deals beginning in 2023. Some state lawmakers want to pass a similar bill in Ohio. 

Democratic Rep Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland) says she and some other lawmakers are discussing elements they’d like to see in a bill to allow compensation to college players. She says there isn't a bill yet but adds she and some fellow lawmakers are exploring aspects of elements they'd like to see in legislation.

Right now, student athletes at universities are not allowed to accept compensation or endorsement deals. Howse says college sports is big money and those players deserve the endorsement dollars.

But some people question whether it's a good idea to allow college athletes to be compensated through endorsements. They fear doing so would benefit a few at the expense of many.

The NCAA opposes California’s law. The organization overseeing collegiate athletics says it is examining its options but is considering denying schools that allow athletes to be compensated the opportunity to compete in NCAA sanctioned contests.

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