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What Happens Now To An Ohio Bill Meant To Protect Embryos?

University Hospitals, Cleveland
University Hospitals, Cleveland

Though lawmakers didn’t address the issue after a set of lawsuits against a Cleveland hospital, one outgoing legislator is hoping his bill will move forward after he’s gone.

In March, University Hospitals in Cleveland announced some 4000 embryos at its fertility clinic were likely nonviable due to a problem with its cryofreezer. Some of those families are now suing the medical system, saying this means they can no longer have children of their own. Though lawmakers didn’t address the issue, one outgoing legislator is hoping his bill will move forward after he’s gone.

Democratic Sen. Joe Schiavoni said his bill mandates procedures and conditions for freezing and storing embryos. He said it was written with the help of hospitals and fertility experts to protect embryos in the future. But the bill didn’t pass in this legislature and Schiavoni won’t be returning when the new General Assembly is seated days from now. He wants a lawmaker who will be in that group to take it over.

“The person, whoever inherits this bill, would have it ready to roll," Schiavoni says.

Schiavoni tried to attach the bill as an amendment to legislation passed in the last days of the lame duck legislature but those efforts were unsuccessful.

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