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Political Newcomer Jon Heavey Putting Big Money Into Governor's Race

Jon Heavey, from Cleveland, sits with his family.
Jon Heavey, from Cleveland, sits with his family.

Among the surprise names that came up in the filings for governor was that of Cleveland doctor Jon Heavey. He embraces the idea of being a political outsider and Heavey’s sudden campaign is bringing some big dollars to the race.

Before becoming a doctor with the Cleveland Clinic, Heavey served in the Army and also worked as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

Heavey says when he’s outraged by something he jumps in. He says he joined the Army after learning about the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture. And now he says he’s running for office after seeing government leaders who don’t speak out against what he feels are President Donald Trump’s discriminatory comments.

“When I see our leadership failing to condemn racist, misogynistic behavior and you know I’m not even gonna use those terms. When I see a draft dodging coward in office, I get fighting angry and I’m ready to go to town,” said Heavey.

He has already thrown $1.5 million of his own money into the race.

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